D is for … Donate, please!

I’m going to do something silly. White water rafting. And because I’m pretty stupid and not at all sporty, I may die. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to get people to donate to charity for my efforts. That way, if I die, at least someone will benefit. And if I do happen to survive, I guess I’ll be doing my bit and I can hold my head a little higher next time around.


The charity I’m donating the money I raise to is the National Literacy Trust. It’s not your typical charity which donates to animals, children in need or homeless people, but this will help a huge variety of people who need help. That National Literacy team reach even more children and young people with every donation.


One example is Shani, who took part in a National Literacy Trust programme last year. Her teacher, Sue Barry, told us:
“When I was walking through the playground at break time I noticed one of the children who had taken part in the reading events. Shani was sitting in a corner by herself, completely absorbed in a book. I was surprised and delighted because both of her parents have very low literacy levels and her four older brothers all left school with below average reading. Since taking part in the sessions Shani’s reading level has increased and she is now on course to achieve the expected level for her age by the time she leaves primary school.”

Some of the programmes they’ve got going on include:
National Young Readers’ Programme
Partners in Literacy
Reading Champions
Talk to your Baby
Words for Work

All of the things this charity do are very useful and will really help the unfortunate children who are affected by poor literacy.
Help them, help the economy, help yourselves.

To find out more, please visit – http://www.literacytrust.org.uk/



E is for… Everyone got to see the Royal Wedding except me!

What is the worst thing that can happen to a lazy person on a long weekend? The TV doesn’t work. What’s the worst thing that can happen on the day of the biggest TV day of the year? The TV and SKY break in the block of flats and can’t be fixed!

And that’s what happened to me! I came in from work yesterday to find the TV not working and the people who are meant to maintain this stuff in our flats fobbing us off with the excuse that ‘parts need to be found’ to fix it. So, I have missed the bigests TV event of the year because of the incompetence of these people. I’ve had to make do with an occasional shot of something occuring on youtube (as everyone’s trying to watch it the video part wouldn’t work properly) and a few pics from google.

I have to say, Kate looked beautiful. I certainly want something in that sort of style for my wedding day. She looked elegant, sexy and very much like a Princess these days is excpected to look. And Wills, despite the gaping bald spot on his head, even looked pretty dashing in the uniform he chose to marry in. Harry, as disastrous as he may be in the eye of the media sometimes, was every inch a gentleman on the way, linking arms with the maid of honour he appeared to be chatting up, in his equaly dashing uniform.

The guests to the royal wedding all looked so honoured to be there. I guess it’s one of the bigget honours you can get to be invited to the wedding of some of the monarchy in your own country. David and Victoria Beckham certainly didn’t let the nerves show with Becks’ big smile and Victoria’s impeccable dress sense.

It was also lovely to see al the royals turned out so well. Queenie turned up in an interesting yellow/gold dress suit, which was quite fitting. The one thing I was disappointed in was the extreme lack of smiling considering her grandson was getting married. But I guess that wasn’t just her. Charles and Camilla (horse-face) aalso didn’t seem to smile. I did catch a few frames of Phillip giving a quick grin, however, which was lovely to see.

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice were sat behind the Queen so we got to see them quite often too. And the one thing I noticed? The hats! How amazing were their hats? One looked like it had been swiped from Peter Pan, while the other seemed to be growing from her head. Absolutely amazing. Bringing a bit of fashion to the front rows of the congregation.

Another notable hat was that of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, close friend of the Prince of Wales, who seemed to take the Peter Pan theme a little further with a hat that matched her ‘royal’ blue outfit. Joss Stone’s appearance was a bit shocking, as she doesn’t seem to have any importance and I kinds thought she was dead, but her coral dress was very lovely.

I wish I’d been abe to watch it properly, but I’ll have to catch up with the newspaper tomorrow.

Happy Wedding Day Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

F is for … Friends

I always thought of myself as being blessed with friendship and I always felt like a rich person for having it. There have been times in my life when I have been tested and my friends were the ones there to gather around me and offer me support. It’s strange, though, how my friendship groups have changed throughout the years.

Throughout primary and secondary school the friendships stayed pretty constant. Friends from Primary progressed with me up to Secondary school and even on to college. They go through the same sort of stuff to you and mature like you. It’s nice for you to have these friends to share experience, to learn from each other and to become good people together.

Then on to college, friends began to change. You become immersed in a range of cultures with a range of people and start to recognise similarities between you and other people you hadn’t known before. I began to go out more after school, drinking or otherwise, and also began to do more things within the college, such as TRCrew which was a student ambassador group. Through these things I met even more people, in and outside of college and my friendship spectrum was enlarging.

When I left college, headed to Uni and moved away, my friendship groups almost completely changed up. I lost most of my friends from back home and made new friends at my job. They stuck with me for a few years, as long as I stayed in that job and with my partner at the time. After leaving the job and my long-term partner, my friends completely changed again. I made new friends around where I lived, from my PGCE course at University and those friends introduced me to other friends, eventually taking me into Chesterfield.

Over the last couple of years my friends haven’t really remained constant. I feel that a lot of people I meet around here are emotionally quite odd. I have this one ‘friend’, or did have depending on when this is read, who I give and give friendship to, but feel I almost never get anything out of it myself. I’m there for relationship break downs, the bad days, allsorts, but after recent hard times I’ve noticed that that isn’t reciprocated. And it’s a shame. However, I am lucky that I do have a handful of amazing friends who really are there for me and really do mean a lot to me. And, I hope that stays that way forever.

I feel that I make a good friend. But I don’t know if that’s the feeling of everyone else. I guess, if it was, I would have more lasting friendships. Maybe I’m just too difficult to be friends with sometimes. I dread to think, how long will my current friendships last?

G is for … Grandparents

I have the best grandparents in the entire world. Quite honestly, I would be pretty lost without them. The same could be said for my parents, of course, but you don’t usually become to dependant on grandparents.

I love my grandma and granddad. They’re two of the best people in the world. They’ve both gone through tough times in their lives. They both still do go through bad times, although now it’s mostly deteriorating health. And I don’t see them enough.

I know I should see them more. But I don’t. It’s not that I don’t want to. I think it’s mostly because I’m lazy and have other things going on in Chesterfield now. I just want to get home after work, and I just want to be lazy on weekends. I saw them much more when I lived at home.

They came to visit my new place a few weeks ago. I was really glad too. They came from Rotherham on the bus and I picked them up from town. Not many grandparents would go to that effort for a start. But on top of that, they bought me dinner, took me to Tesco and paid for my shopping, and did I forget to mention they gave me a three-piece-suite for my new flat?

They take care of me. They’re so thoughtful. They’re the best grandparents ever.

I feel guilty, though. I’m planning my perfect wedding for next summer and I don’t think I’m being fair to them. My perfect wedding would take place in Florida. It’s where I’ve always wanted it to take place and really, in my head, it’s been planned for a very long time. Grandma has said that if I have it abroad she won’t come, and therefore neither will my granddad. It’s actually pretty upsetting and I have cried a lot at the thought. It’s been a toss up to decide whether to have them there and do it somewhere I don’t want to and not be happy with it, or go abroad without them and be sad they aren’t there. I’m sure they’ll support whatever they choose, regardless of how sad it’ll make them, and that’s why they’re so great.

H is for… Holidays

I can’t think of anyone I know who doesn’t wish they could have more holidays abroad. Or in fact, just holidays from work. I recently went to Benidorm with my fiancé and we had a cracking time. We played in the pool, went to a zoo, went to a sea life zoo, caught a boat to another island and went in a submarine there and generally just had a really fun time.

I bloody hate coming back from a holiday though. I think everyone struggles with this and I would even go as far as to say that most people suffer from a very basic case of depression for a week or so after the holiday. It really does suck to have to come home after having such a great time, doing great things and constantly being with the people / person you want to be with.

My wedding next year will take place in Florida. I already know this will be the greatest holiday I will have ever had. Florida is the greatest place on Earth. I’ve been there 10 times, I’ve got a Mickey mouse tattoo from last time to show my dedication to this awesome holiday, and one day I hope I’ll be able to move there and live in Orlando as a teacher for several years. I’m lucky I have a partner who will support this and come with me, at least to try it. My happiness with this idea is based around the fact that every weekend, every day off, and every bank holiday will always be a holiday. It’s cheaper to live there; more exciting and it’d be the perfect holiday/visit for friends and family.

It makes me so happy that I can turn my hard work into a holiday, something to remember, something to enjoy. 😀

I is for Iatrophobia

I don’t know why, but I’ve always been a bit of a hypochondriac. In my opinion, there’s always something wrong with me. To be perfectly honest, most of the time there is, but it’s rarely anything major. I guess it’s because of that I’ve always had an anxiety and fear about going to the doctors.

Over my lifetime I’ve had several broken bones, eczema, asthma, headaches, toothaches, tonsilitus, growth problems and more… tons of stuff. I can’t even remember some things.

I understand that it’s incredibly rare for someone to go to the doctors when they have no symptoms or problems, and it’s no different for me. I’ve only ever been to the doctor when I genuinely beleive I have something wrong with me. Which is where my fear first began. Everytime I go to the doctors I come out with some new medication, pills, creams, something, and a different diagnosis. I don’t ever want to go to the doctor, but usually I wait until I can’t bear my problem anymore.

I think the thing I go to the doctors most often for is my eczema. It’s an issue I’ve had since I was a baby, but it kinda disappeared when I was in my early teens until about 2 years ago. They call it stress eczema now though. A whole new course of treatment and a much lengthier process of dealing with it.

Does anyone else have this fear? I ofen think it’s just me and I’m being silly; Everyone gets ill. But, then, how can no one else be scared when it’s slim-to-none that the doctor ever says “Don’t be daft – there’s nothing wrong with you!” If I could just go once and have the doctor say that, maybe it’d ease my mind…

J is for … Just Engaged!

I haven’t blogged properly for ages. I guess this is down to one thing. I’m really happy. When I’m happy I want to spend all my time with the thing that makes me happy. And right now that ‘thing’ is Nathan.

This weekend Nathan took me to Scarborough. He booked us into a B&B on the North shore and planned for us to spend a weekend in the place that I love most in England. It was everything I ever wanted. Nathan took me out, wined and dined me, took me to the Sealife centre and then it happened….

When we were almost done for the weekend and very tired, we walked along the main beach and held hands. It was when we stopped to look out to the sea that Nathan got on one knee, pulled out a beautiful wooden box and opened it to reveal the most amazing ring. He looked a little embarrassed but also really happy. He beamed the most sparkly smile. His eyes were full of hope and excitement.

Of course I said yes straight away. I love him very much. We must’ve hugged for only a few minutes after, but it felt like forever. The world stopped. It was exactly what I wanted. To be asked to marry the guy of my dreams in the palce I love the most in this country.

I am so happy!