Isaiah Mustafa

I have a new obsession. It’s both a person and an object. The objects are Old Spice aftershaves and body wash. The person is Isaiah Mustafa.
After first seeing the Old Spice’s new adverts, I was obsessed. It’s fantastic. So funny. So ridiculous. And, let’s not forget, he’s on a horse. Perfect. The person who writes and directs these adverts needs a medal.
After seeing the first advert I decided to post each and every new Old Spice advert to my facebook and twitter pages (@kirstychappers) I thought I should learn a little more about the man behind the myth. My fella found his facebook page and we both had a good look down it. Turns out that he used to be an NFL player. I should really have guessed that because he lookes like the stereotype. But, on top of that, he’s also done a fair bit of acting. The one that impressed me most is his most recent spot of acting. It seems he’s going to be in the new Blockbuster ‘Horrible Bosses’ later this year. It doesn’t say anything about him or his character in it, but I can only assume it’ll be awesome. I hope he’s on a horse.
On top of all this awesome acting malarky, Isaiah is also a bit of a comic book geek. He’s been part of a marvel online thing in which he was cast by the man himself, Stan Lee. He didn’t play any well known superhero, but he was a superhero nonetheless. You can also see his comic book geekiness in the fact that his daughter is named after a super villain from the Batman comics. Hayley Fitzpatrick, aka Harley Quinn was also the inspiration of my other idol, Kevin Smith, when naming his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith. Clearly, only awesome people name their children after comics. Probably why I’m considering Clarke or Kent for my first boy….

Anyway – for your perusal –


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