A is for …. Arseholes

I’ve always thought that everyone deserves a chance. You can’t judge a book by its cover, and all that. But I do think first impressions count and, although you should give people this chance, if they mess up that first impression, it’s hard to pull it back.

Take my job as an example. I find that the first lesson with a new class is quite important. I think during that first lesson, although the kids might be a little timid due to not knowing you or the classroom, you can often pick out the kids who are going to cause problems straight away. It might be something they do / say that is very obvious. But more often than not, it’s something you over hear them saying to their friends. That one word or phrase can alter your opinion of that kid and make you wary of them, or make you stand on guard ready for when they kick off.

People are sometimes just arseholes. It’s a sixth sense thing that I think applies in most jobs and social situations. When you spend a short time with someone you can make certain assumptions about them, and a lot of those times you end up being right. Maybe it makes you look for things to back up your theories, but maybe, just maybe, your instincts are right.

People are sometimes just arseholes. It’s something that just happens. Most people have the capability. In fact, everyone does, but not everyone uses that ability. Especially not when they’re in situations when they shouldn’t.
People are sometimes just arseholes. I’m sure everyone can name someone they know really well who they now think are arseholes. I bet the same people can name someone else they thought was an arsehole on their first meeting. And most of those people won’t have changed their mind either.

Sometimes, people are just arseholes.


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