C is for… Cash

Is it just me or does everyone find it difficult to save cash? It certainly feels like it’s just me. I always feel like I’m sinking in a huge sea of debt.
Being fair on myself, I have a lot less debt than most other people my age. Having such amazing parents who have been willing to give up their money to further my education and set me on my career path has meant that I left university practically debt free. I mean, I owed them a little money from the time I didn’t have a job, but I was almost always working so I didn’t do too badly for myself.
I find it much more difficult now to keep my head above water, though. I earn a good wage, my rent isn’t too steep, and yet I’ve found myself having to get out a small loan to make sure I don’t lose myself. I seem to find that it’s the small and unexpected things that throw me and get me in financial trouble. For me, the small thing has been my car recently. That’s when I knew my money was starting to get out of control.
And it’s also when I decided to get the loan.

To me, taking out that loan was like admitting defeat. For someone who has always been in work, who has worked hard for her goals and who lives a pretty modest lifestyle, it was pretty upsetting to have to admit that I needed financial help.
Obviously, it’s not real defeat and I’m sure it’ll make it easier for me to manage my money in the long term. But it means I have a fairly long-term debt hanging over me. I don’t think that’s good enough for me. Especially with my wedding looming and the debt being there until long after the wedding’s over. I’m just going to find it tough to manage for the next year or so. And I wish I didn’t have to.


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