Isaiah Mustafa

I have a new obsession. It’s both a person and an object. The objects are Old Spice aftershaves and body wash. The person is Isaiah Mustafa.
After first seeing the Old Spice’s new adverts, I was obsessed. It’s fantastic. So funny. So ridiculous. And, let’s not forget, he’s on a horse. Perfect. The person who writes and directs these adverts needs a medal.
After seeing the first advert I decided to post each and every new Old Spice advert to my facebook and twitter pages (@kirstychappers) I thought I should learn a little more about the man behind the myth. My fella found his facebook page and we both had a good look down it. Turns out that he used to be an NFL player. I should really have guessed that because he lookes like the stereotype. But, on top of that, he’s also done a fair bit of acting. The one that impressed me most is his most recent spot of acting. It seems he’s going to be in the new Blockbuster ‘Horrible Bosses’ later this year. It doesn’t say anything about him or his character in it, but I can only assume it’ll be awesome. I hope he’s on a horse.
On top of all this awesome acting malarky, Isaiah is also a bit of a comic book geek. He’s been part of a marvel online thing in which he was cast by the man himself, Stan Lee. He didn’t play any well known superhero, but he was a superhero nonetheless. You can also see his comic book geekiness in the fact that his daughter is named after a super villain from the Batman comics. Hayley Fitzpatrick, aka Harley Quinn was also the inspiration of my other idol, Kevin Smith, when naming his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith. Clearly, only awesome people name their children after comics. Probably why I’m considering Clarke or Kent for my first boy….

Anyway – for your perusal –


A is for …. Arseholes

I’ve always thought that everyone deserves a chance. You can’t judge a book by its cover, and all that. But I do think first impressions count and, although you should give people this chance, if they mess up that first impression, it’s hard to pull it back.

Take my job as an example. I find that the first lesson with a new class is quite important. I think during that first lesson, although the kids might be a little timid due to not knowing you or the classroom, you can often pick out the kids who are going to cause problems straight away. It might be something they do / say that is very obvious. But more often than not, it’s something you over hear them saying to their friends. That one word or phrase can alter your opinion of that kid and make you wary of them, or make you stand on guard ready for when they kick off.

People are sometimes just arseholes. It’s a sixth sense thing that I think applies in most jobs and social situations. When you spend a short time with someone you can make certain assumptions about them, and a lot of those times you end up being right. Maybe it makes you look for things to back up your theories, but maybe, just maybe, your instincts are right.

People are sometimes just arseholes. It’s something that just happens. Most people have the capability. In fact, everyone does, but not everyone uses that ability. Especially not when they’re in situations when they shouldn’t.
People are sometimes just arseholes. I’m sure everyone can name someone they know really well who they now think are arseholes. I bet the same people can name someone else they thought was an arsehole on their first meeting. And most of those people won’t have changed their mind either.

Sometimes, people are just arseholes.

B is for … Bipolar

Although I have never been to the doctors to be diagnosed, I am relatively positive I suffer from a mental disorder called Bipolar. There are many forms of this disorder, some a lot more severe than others. I don’t think I have it badly, but I do have quite dramatic mood swings, a penchant for ruining my own friendships and I often feel ostracised and neglected. I first thought I might have a mild form of this disorder when I began to have quite erratic mood swings, the first of which began with being unconsolably upset and ended with my crying with laughter, all in the space of 20 minutes.
Maybe I don’t have this disorder at all, but I certainly feel that these symptoms effect me in my normal life. My friendships are few and certainly not constant, my relationships are often doomed to fail, and my head is always a mess.

I like to educate so here are some facts about bipolar:
Types of bipolar disorder:
• People with bipolar disorder type I have had at least one fully manic episode with periods of major depression. In the past, bipolar disorder type I was called manic depression.
• People with bipolar disorder type II have never experienced full-fledged mania. Instead they experience periods of hypomania (elevated levels of energy and impulsiveness that are not as extreme as the symptoms of mania). These hypomanic periods alternate with episodes of depression.
• A mild form of bipolar disorder called cyclothymia involves less severe mood swings with alternating periods of hypomania and mild depression. People with bipolar disorder type II or cyclothymia may be misdiagnosed as having depression alone
The manic phase may last from days to months and can include the following symptoms:
• Agitation or irritation
• Inflated self-esteem (delusions of grandeur, false beliefs in special abilities)
• Little need for sleep
• Noticeably elevated mood
o Hyperactivity
o Increased energy
o Lack of self-control
o Racing thoughts
• Over-involvement in activities
• Poor temper control
• Reckless behavior
o Binge eating, drinking, and/or drug use
o Impaired judgment
o Sexual promiscuity
o Spending sprees
• Tendency to be easily distracted
The depressed phase of both types of bipolar disorder includes the following symptoms:
• Daily low mood
• Difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions
• Eating disturbances
o Loss of appetite and weight loss
o Overeating and weight gain
• Fatigue or listlessness
• Feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness and/or guilt
• Loss of self-esteem
• Persistent sadness
• Persistent thoughts of death
• Sleep disturbances
o Excessive sleepiness
o Inability to sleep
• Suicidal thoughts
• Withdrawal from activities that were once enjoyed
• Withdrawal from friends

C is for… Cash

Is it just me or does everyone find it difficult to save cash? It certainly feels like it’s just me. I always feel like I’m sinking in a huge sea of debt.
Being fair on myself, I have a lot less debt than most other people my age. Having such amazing parents who have been willing to give up their money to further my education and set me on my career path has meant that I left university practically debt free. I mean, I owed them a little money from the time I didn’t have a job, but I was almost always working so I didn’t do too badly for myself.
I find it much more difficult now to keep my head above water, though. I earn a good wage, my rent isn’t too steep, and yet I’ve found myself having to get out a small loan to make sure I don’t lose myself. I seem to find that it’s the small and unexpected things that throw me and get me in financial trouble. For me, the small thing has been my car recently. That’s when I knew my money was starting to get out of control.
And it’s also when I decided to get the loan.

To me, taking out that loan was like admitting defeat. For someone who has always been in work, who has worked hard for her goals and who lives a pretty modest lifestyle, it was pretty upsetting to have to admit that I needed financial help.
Obviously, it’s not real defeat and I’m sure it’ll make it easier for me to manage my money in the long term. But it means I have a fairly long-term debt hanging over me. I don’t think that’s good enough for me. Especially with my wedding looming and the debt being there until long after the wedding’s over. I’m just going to find it tough to manage for the next year or so. And I wish I didn’t have to.