D is for … Donate, please!

I’m going to do something silly. White water rafting. And because I’m pretty stupid and not at all sporty, I may die. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to get people to donate to charity for my efforts. That way, if I die, at least someone will benefit. And if I do happen to survive, I guess I’ll be doing my bit and I can hold my head a little higher next time around.


The charity I’m donating the money I raise to is the National Literacy Trust. It’s not your typical charity which donates to animals, children in need or homeless people, but this will help a huge variety of people who need help. That National Literacy team reach even more children and young people with every donation.


One example is Shani, who took part in a National Literacy Trust programme last year. Her teacher, Sue Barry, told us:
“When I was walking through the playground at break time I noticed one of the children who had taken part in the reading events. Shani was sitting in a corner by herself, completely absorbed in a book. I was surprised and delighted because both of her parents have very low literacy levels and her four older brothers all left school with below average reading. Since taking part in the sessions Shani’s reading level has increased and she is now on course to achieve the expected level for her age by the time she leaves primary school.”

Some of the programmes they’ve got going on include:
National Young Readers’ Programme
Partners in Literacy
Reading Champions
Talk to your Baby
Words for Work

All of the things this charity do are very useful and will really help the unfortunate children who are affected by poor literacy.
Help them, help the economy, help yourselves.

To find out more, please visit – http://www.literacytrust.org.uk/