Orlando, Florida

My favourite place in the world is Orlando, Florida. I’ve been there more time than I can remember. I even have a Mickey Mouse tattoo behind my ear that I got there during my last visit.

Universal Studios is one of the most exciting places in the world! It comprises two parks. Islandos of Adventure and Universal Studios. There are plenty of rides, shows and fun things to do. You can ltiereally live in there forever and never be bored. A few of my favourite rides include Men in Black, The Hulk and Rip Ride Rockit. With Men in Black, you have to use your guns to shoot the invading aliens, trying to score more points than the other team. The Hulk is an enormous rollercoaster that shoots you out of a cannister into the first twist of the ride. Rip Ride Rockit is a new coaster, only opened this year, which allows you to choose the music you ride to while recording a music video which you can then buy at the end! Amazing. Exhilariting. Hilarious.

Disney is still amazing at my age, although, due to most of the rides being aimed at kids, it’s pretty easy to do Disney in a day. For the last few times, I’ve managed to do all 4 main parks in one day with a hopper pass. The atmosphere is great and you just have to try and catch one of the parades, because they cannot be outdone. It goes without saying that I know the parade music lyrics off by heart! A few highlights for my Disney day include Rock n Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain and the Kilamanjaro Safari. In Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM studios) you can experience Aerosmith’ Rock n Rollercoaster, a huge indoor coaster to the music of Aerosmith. Tower of Terror, situated next to the last ride, is a 13 story drop ride which takes you through the history of the haunted Hollywood Tower Hotel and then drops you from the top floor, like the poor guests of the old hotel. Splash Moutain is a water ride in Magic Kingdom with takes you through the tale of Brer Rabbit, ending in a huge, wet drop. The Kilamanjaro Safari allows you to drive through the ‘natural’ habitat of many animals you would never be able to get so close to anywhere else. That is situated in Animal Kingdom, the newest of the Disney Parks.

I also enjoy some of the night-time activities Orlando has to offer. My newest discovery is the Outta Control Magic Show hosted by Wonderworks in the heart of I-drive. It sees a magical comedian playing tricks on the audience while you all chow down on unlimited pizza and gulp down their unlimited beer. An old favourite is the Pirate Dinner show. This is also on I-drive and allows you to immerse yourself in a pirate war while eating tons of food and playing games with the cast. One of my favourite places to eat is the Hard Rock Cafe in Universal’s City Walk. With great food at decent prices, you can also peruse the huge collection of music memorabilia. And if that’s something that you think you’ll enjoy, Planet Hollwood in Downtown Disney is a very similar restaurant, but with movie memorabilia.

Here’s some pics from my most recent visit:


Awesomeness (part 4)

Awesomeness (part 3)